Statement of Gregor Gysi on the Referendum in Turkey

Statement of Gregor Gysi on the Referendum in Turkey

Erdogan has won. Really?


Despite unfair conditions during the campaign – thousands of politicians detained, partial media coverage, state oppression of journalists and opponents – nearly 50 per cent of voters balloted for no and thus rejected the authoritarian politics of Erdogan.

There are several reports on manipulation during voting, observing was greatly restricted in Kurdish regions, and it was decided on short notice to accept ballots without an official stamp, meaning they are actually invalid.

Hopefully, the courts are still independent enough to order a repetition of the referendum already because of that.

Turkish society is deeply divided. Turkey now needs a government that tries to overcome this division step by step by making compromises. This cannot be expected from Erdogan because he banks on further division, on destruction. Yet, the result of the referendum raises hopes for a political change. Not immediately, but it does not need to take long as well.

There must not be recognition of the results by other European governments given the current circumstances. All member states of the EU immediately have to stop all arms exports to Turkey and any military cooperation. This applies especially for the German federal government. NATO has to ask itself insofar such a dictatorial regime still has a place in this alliance. Instead of delivering weapons, it is urgent now to support the democratic opposition.