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Today’s Palestinian presidential elections are undoubtedly an important contribution to the revitalization of the Middle East peace process. They could create a new atmosphere in the region and give the Road Map a chance for implementation. We, the European Left, want to do all we can to facilitate a peaceful resolution to one of the oldest conflicts in the world. We believe that the Geneva Initiative and the solutions it proposes should be used.

We, members of the Party of European Left:

This structural working paper was finally adopted at the Berlin ExB meeting. All parties are requested to act according to these regulations.

Fausto Bertinotti during the discussion: "This party is based on common political inspirations. I want to remind you all the way we have behind us. The rejection of Stalinism belongs to our political identity. Without this rejection, many of us would not be in this party. In any case, the rejection of Stalinism has been conceded by any party participating in the founding of the EL and is one of its founding elements. The rejection of Stalinism has nothing to do with our past, but with our future. When referring to our past, when we reject Stalinism, we reject of course all the bad practices, including practices worse than Stalinism. What we radically refuse is the very concept of power which we associate with Stalinism. From there we start to imagine and to have an idea of our future society. Without that refusal, we would not be able to imagine our idea of socialism. That is why this is a very firm point."

Francis Wurtz, Chairman of the Group United European Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL), in the European Parliament in the EP Plenary Session on 1 December, 2004

The EL Executive Board (ExB) held its third session in Paris according to the work schedule adopted at Berlin ExB meeting in July. The meeting was chaired by EL Chairman Fausto Bertinotti and Helmut Scholz (PDS). The ExB members got a warm welcome by Marie-George Buffet, National Secretary of the French CP. M-G. Buffet informed about the results of the party referendum on EL membership. 75% of the PCF members voted in favour of entering the EL and actively collaborating with the other member parties.

Yasser Arafat, symbol-figure of the decades-long struggle of the Palestinian people and for all peace and justice lovers all over the world, died. His decease is occurring at a dramatic moment for his people whose right to life and to a homeland is yet far to be achieved.

For a Europe of peace, of the peoples, a democratic Europe of universal citizenship, social rights, a Europe of equality and solidarity

On 12 September, 2004 the EL Executive Board (ExB) held its second meeting in Brussels according to the work schedule adopted at its first meeting in Berlin on 11 July. It was presided by EL chairman Fausto Bertinotti.

Dear comrades! The women's network of EL member- and observer parties has started it's work. As we decided in Rome, we have established a mailing list and we are making preparations for the women's assembly before the first EL party congress takes place. We are grateful that Forum delle donne del Prc has taken the initiative to invite women to Rome Sep. 15th to coordinate the preparation of the women's assembly.