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The President of the Party of the European Left (EL), Pierre Laurent, and its vice-presidents Maite Mola and Marisa Matías have already signed the campaign against the prohibition of the abortion in Poland launched byYou move Europe and which can be signed at the EL website




"Across Europe, we are watching in horror as your parliament tries to take away your fundamental human rights. We condemn this attack on your freedom to make choices. We support your efforts to stop this terrible ban on abortion and we stand with you in solidarity across borders."


Please sign this open letter and share the link with comrades and friends:



The Vice-President and head of international relations of the Party of the European Left, Maite Mola, traveled this Sunday to Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, to participate as guest in the historical signing of the peace agreement between the government of Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC-EP. From there she expressed her hope that in the referendum of the 2nd of October “the Colombian people will support massively this agreement which was just signed with a clear ‘Yes’”.


One more year, the Party of the European Left started the political course participating fully in La Fête de L´Humanité in Paris, in the biggest political-cultural event in Europe, visited by half a million people each year.  They have done so both with its informative stand, point of encounter and exchange of information and experiences, as well as in the debates that have been developed during what organizers called "Trois Jours pour refaire le monde" (Three days to remake the world).

El Partido de la Izquierda Europea (PIE) condena la decisión del Senado brasileño de proceder a la destitución de la presidenta Dilma Rousseff. Esta destitución es la Íltima tentativa que se hace para tratar de darle una legitimidad al golpe de Estado que se ha venido organizando estos últimos meses, verdadero crimen contra la democracia que cometen los sectores más corruptos de la vida política brasileña.

The Party of the European Left expresses its joy for the signing of the "Final agreement for the termination of conflict and the construction of a stable and durable peace", signed in La Havana, Cuba the 24th of August 2016 between the FARC-EP and the Colombian government.


© European Union , 2016   /  Source: EC - Audiovisual Service   /   Photo: Etienne Ansotte

The Party of the European Left congratulates all forces fighting against the applications of sanctions to Portugal and Spain, which obtained this week the cancelation of the budget fines by the European Commission.


The relations between the Party of the European Left and the Foro de São Paulo consolidate and deepen. An example of that was the participation of Mónica Valente from the Executive Secretary of the Foro de São Paulo in the Summer University of the European Left.

This European Union does not satisfy anyone, neither to the transformative left, which debates on another model based on solidarity, nor to the architects of this Europe of austerity working to deepen and consolidate their neoliberal model, limiting more and more the fiscal competencies of its member states.